maandag 20 januari 2020

I lay me down

 I lay me down  
Een prachtig diepgaand lied van Michael W. Smith 
KLIK HIER om het te beluisteren

Dit is wat het met mij doet,
wat het nummer mij zegt...

I lay me down 
I bow down at His feet, 
I bow down for Him. 

I lay me down, 
I lay my self down 
I lay all of me down.
 I have found here
Love and mercy
From an infinite supply
I have found here
Living water
From a well that won't run dry
At Your feet
I bow in wonder
At Your feet
I place my crowns
Let surrender be the only sound
At Your feet
I lay me down
Fear and failure
Pride and hatred
You see all I've tried to hide
But sweet mercy
Has embraced me
Wrath has turned to life divine 
At Your feet  I bow in wonder
Into my emptiness
You speak life and give me breath
I lay me down
Undone by holiness
Take my all and nothing less
I lay me down

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